082 A 5.04 Rock Dove mother
092 J 5.04 Rock Dove child--dependent on above
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A Very, VERY Special Exhibition

Bird by Bird

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Note: SnakPak's Bird by Bird was a small part of a much larger, much real-er exhibition put together by the good people at the Minnesota Wildlife Haven way back in 2002.

About the 2002 Exhibition:

Bird by Bird An avian portrait project and benefit auction for the Minnesota Wildlife Haven

“Bird by Bird” is a five-month portrait project creating a visual record of all avian admits to the Minnesota Wildlife Haven (MWH), a non-profit medical facility serving orphaned and injured wildlife in the Twin Cities. Every bird admitted to the Haven through the spring and summer of 2002 (roughly 600 songbirds) will be acknowledged through paintings, drawings, photographs, prints, sculpture, new media work, film or sound work by the project artists.  

"Bird by Bird" will culminate with an exhibition opening and auction, hosted by Radiator Gallery, on October 5th, 2002, from 6:00 to 10:00 at Radiator (2911 Aldrich Ave South) in south Minneapolis. Exhibition preview 6:00 to 7:00 Silent auction 7:00-9:00 P.M.

Featuring art by Julie Baugnet, Mark Bautch, Chris Baumler, Susy Bielak, Patty Chalmers, John Page Corrigan, Mike Dust, Welles Emerson, Clea Felien,  Kim Gillespie, Bill Gorcica,  James Holmberg, Emily Harris, Alexa Horochowsk, Patricia Jacobsen, Jim Larson, David Lefkowitz, Rhoda London, Dean Lucker,  Dave Monson, Arne Nyen, Jim Ockuly, Danny Peet,  JJ Peet, Melba Price, Mollie Rabiner, Cynde Randall, Nancy Robinson, Al Silberstein, Ben Sandstrom,  Beth Swanson, Jamie Swanson, Lee Anne Swanson, Carolyn Swiszcz, Bruce Tapola, Peter Haakon Thompson, Beth Van Dam, JoAnn Verburg,  Nancy Waller,  Mary Anne Wise, and Ann Wood

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