SnakPak Books

SnakPak means nothing if not a steadfast dedication to the lifelong pursuit of bettering one's overall mental health through reading and other forms of paying attention.

It was with that goal in mind that SnakPak initiated its book series more than 24 hours ago.

Here, our visitors will find examples -- presented both in part and in whole -- of the wealth of information made available historically through books. And not just information -- text and images, too. Some of the finest graphic design, typographic layout, and even ideas have come to us through what we like to call the paper-based media.

Select from the offerings below and check back often for updates. NOTE: All reproductions herein are for edumacational purposes only.

Caves and Their Mysteries, 1962
Brought to you in its entirety.

Divine Help, circa 2000
Excerpts from this amazing -- if true -- tome.

Computers, The Worlds of Science, Cybernetics, 1962
Chapter 21, A Look into the Crystal Ball.

Illustrated Atlas for Young America, 1960

Simulations, Jean Baudrillard, 1981
This is not a book.