C o n t a c t X S h e e t s


Episode One: A Blustery Day
(in which getting from point A to point B is just a device to experience the wonder of what's in between)
Episode Two: History Made Pretty -- A Case Study
(in which dramatic Japanese events are enhanced with flowers)
Episode Three: Sports Center
(in which aesthetics and aerobics go head to head)
Episode Four: Ice Caves
(in which Nature puts us in our place)
Episode Five: Charlotte, NC
(in which the South has its portrait taken)
Episode Six: Trees and Light
(in which an August morning is rendered)
Episode Seven: On and Near the Train Tracks
(in which the olden days hang around wisely...patiently)
Episode Eight: Winter Solstice
(in which the "shortest" day of the year casts some mighty long shadows)