S N A K P A K . i n f o

Frequently Wondered About Questions

1) What the hell does SnakPak.info mean?
It's short for Snakpak.information.
2) How many people work at SnakPak.info?
Less than half of them.
3) How often does SnakPak.info change?
As often as you change your mind.
4) How do I keep from becoming so obsessed with death that I can barely function?
Run around and scream.
5) What if I forget my password?
It's your dog's name.
6) If Roger Clemens (at the height of his career) is on a train traveling at a speed of 100 MPH, and he throws a baseball straight out of the front window also at a speed of 100 MPH, has he effectively thrown a 200 MPH fastball that winds up landing twice as far as wherever the train is going, or does the ball just eternally hover in space a few inches in front of Roger Clemens' throwing hand? These are the only two possibilities I can think of.
You have redefined idiocy.