Gilligan's Island Script
Episode #55, "Seer Gilligan"
(Gilligan discovers an island bush with seeds that make mind reading possible)

GILLIGAN'S ISLAND "Seer Gilligan" by Elroy Schwartz November 22, 1965

TEASER FADE IN: EXT. JUNGLE - DAY MEDIUM SHOT - SKIPPER We see the Skipper walking through the jungle looking for Gilligan.

SKIPPER Gilligan!

The Skipper continues to search for Gilligan somewhere in the jungle.

SKIPPER Gilligan!


MEDIUM SHOT - WORK AREA IN FRONT OF HUT Gilligan is building something. We see Gilligan climb a ladder that is laying up against a branch of a tree. There's a bird's nest on the branch as Gilligan looks inside and we see several baby birds.

INSERT - Birds nest with baby birds chirping.


GILLIGAN Don't worry fellas, I'm going to build you a new house.

MEDIUM SHOT - WORK AREA IN FRONT OF HUT Gilligan starts back down the ladder as he hears the birds chirping louder. He climbs back up the ladder and looks into the nest.

INSERT - Birds nest with baby birds chirping


GILLIGAN Oops, better add another bedroom. Gilligan climbs back down the ladder and resumes building the birdhouse. He picks up a saw and starts to cut a bamboo pole.


CLOSE SHOT - GILLIGAN AND SKIPPER We see the Skipper enter shot from behind Gilligan.

SKIPPER Hi Gilligan!

GILLIGAN Hi Skipper. The professor's checking the lobster traps.

SKIPPER Where's the professor? Have you see....oh is that where he is, huh.

GILLIGAN I'm building a birdhouse.

SKIPPER Say ah, what are you build....What's a birdhouse!?

GILLIGAN What I'm building. You just asked me.

SKIPPER No I didn't. I was going to ask you, but you told me before I asked you. In fact you told me about where the professor was, before I did ask you.

GILLIGAN Don't be Silly, I can't read your mind.

SKIPPER Well you tell what I'm thinking!?


GILLIGAN Don't be silly I can't read your mind!

SKIPPER But you just did it Gilligan! Let's try once more and I'll try and think of something.

GILLIGAN Your thinking you shouldn't have had that fourth piece of coconut cream pie you ate for dinner last night.

SKIPPER That's right Gilligan! I just don't know.....Oh I know how, now just a minute I gave you a clue.

GILLIGAN You didn't say a word!

SKIPPER No but my stomach growled (he laughs) Now this time.....

GILLIGAN You can keep your eyes open this time if you want.

SKIPPER Oh it's a trick of some sort. Gilligan this time you keep your eyes closed and I'll keep my eyes open and think of something that I haven't thought about in a long time.

GILLIGAN Your thinking about a hula dancer and a grass skirt.....Skipper!

SKIPPER Gilligan you're right, never mind now the rest of it.....ep.....ep..... Gilligan I don't understand how you do this!?

GILLIGAN I don't know, I'm just standing here.

SKIPPER Let ME stand there! Now YOU think of something. (pause)


SKIPPER Well are you thinking of something?


SKIPPER I'm not getting any message. What are you thinking about?

GILLIGAN I was thinking about the time when I was ten years old and skinned my knee and Rudolf my cousin and his friend Claud we were going to the movies with Freddie with two teeth missing.....

SKIPPER OH! Never mind Gilligan for goodness sake, how can I understand what your thinking when I can't even understand what your saying!?


SKIPPER Hey everybody, Gilligan can read minds, it's the most fantastic think you've ever seen, my little buddy can read minds!

PROFESSOR Skipper nobody can read minds, it's a scientific impossibility.

SKIPPER Oh no now wait a minute professor, just a minute lets show him little buddy. Now you tell him what I'm thinking.

GILLIGAN You're thinking about that hula dancer in the grass skirt.

SKIPPER That's right Gilligan! I even tried to fool him and I couldn't!

PROFESSOR Skipper, just because you said he read your mind doesn't mean he read it.

SKIPPER Oh now wait a minute professor.....All right then you think of something and he'll read YOUR mind.

PROFESSOR Oh really Skipper! (Sarcastically)

SKIPPER Oh come on professor just think of something.

GINGER Oh go ahead, humor him professor.

PROFESSOR Well all right go ahead.

GILLIGAN Ah, the symbol for Aluminum is AL, its atomic number is thirteen, its atomic weight is twenty-six point nine seven.

GINGER Did he really read your mind professor?

PROFESSOR Well it must be some sort of a trick, I mean it's impossible to read minds!

SKIPPER Well try him again professor, try him again!

PROFESSOR I will, I will!

GILLIGAN The index of refraction is N equals SINE one over SINE R equals V one over V two.

SKIPPER Is that right!

PROFESSOR Well there's no doubt about it, Gilligan read my mind!

GILLIGAN I must have, I don't even know what I said!

MARY ANN Oh Gilligan, oh Gilligan read my mind!

GILLIGAN Um, let's see now. Your thinking of a double thick chocolate malted.....with whip cream on it.

MARY ANN Oh, I was just thinking about a double thick chocolate malted.

GILLIGAN The whip cream was my idea.

GINGER Gilligan. Would you read my mind?

GILLIGAN Ya.....Your thinking of Rockery Hudpeck.

SKIPPER Rockery Hudpeck!?

GINGER Why he's right. I was thinking of Rock Hudson and Gregory Peck but I couldn't make up my mind!

MR HOWELL Ah, Gilligan my boy would you come over here? There you are, sit down. Say that you can read minds, uh, read mine. Of course of course you realize the Howell mind is a little different, it's got I'll just give it a.......

GILLIGAN You're hoping that the prices on your chemical stocks have gone up.

MR HOWELL That's right, it's a lucky guess, I dare you to try it again. Just, just try it again.....I'll give it the double.....

GILLIGAN Your thinking that if you could read minds like me you'd have all the money in the world.

MR HOWELL That's what I was thinking, but then that's what I'm always thinking!

GINGER & MARY ANN Gilligan, Gilligan read my mind.....

MR HOWELL Wait a minute girls! Girls, girls control yourself control your self, treat this man with awe and respect!

GINGER He's only just Gilligan.

MR HOWELL Well he's Gilligan to you, but to me, he's my little Fort Knox!

GINGER & MARY ANN Oh come on Mr. Howell!


CUT TO: INT - HOWELLS HUT - DAY Mrs. Howell is pacing back and forth in the hut as MR Howell sits on the bed with an alarm clock. The alarm clock goes off.

MR HOWELL All right my dear it's my turn.

MRS HOWELL Dear Thurston, how long do we have to do this pacing thing?

MR HOWELL Until we figure out how Gilligan reads minds.

MRS HOWELL Well why don't we just walk up to him and ask him?

MR HOWELL Well I did, I did, and he said that he didn't know.

MRS HOWELL Oh well you can believe him. If there's one thing that boy can't do is tell an untruth.

MR HOWELL Yes I know, I know my dear, it's, it's so revolting!

MRS HOWELL Maybe it's the shape of Gilligan's head.

MR HOWELL The shape of his head has nothing to do with it. My uncle Eggburt's head is more pointed than his and he can't even read a menu.


MRS HOWELL There you are dear. Maybe Gilligan is having some sort of a nightmare.

MR HOWELL You can't read minds as a result of a nightmare. I'm having a nightmare because I can't!

MRS HOWELL I mean maybe Gilligan, Ah, ate something that disagreed with him.

MR HOWELL Lovey, Lovey, that's it! That's it, that's his secret! The food, the thing that he eats!

MRS HOWELL Well he does have a most peculiar diet.

MR HOWELL I shall eat the same combination of calories, proteins, carbohydrates and mud!

MRS HOWELL Oh darling, remember you have a very delicate tummy.

MR HOWELL Well let it suffer. I've got to get that secret.

MRS HOWELL Oh yes dear, but you'll toss and turn all night.

MR HOWELL Let me toss, let me turn. To get that secret I'll become a whirling dervish!

CUT TO: Mr. Howell and Gilligan are seen eating at a table covered with all sorts of different foods.

MR HOWELL Clams, Oysters, Lobsters, Turtle eggs in the shell and warm coconut milk. How can a skinny kid like you hold so much?

GILLIGAN I don't know Mr. Howell, not until I've had a dessert.

Gilligan looks up as he smells something in the air.

GILLIGAN Oh! Mary Ann is cooking my favorite! Coconut, Papaya and Tuna fish pie! Mmmm, come on Mr. Howell, it's best when it's hot!

Gilligan gets up and walks off camera as Mr. Howell slowly gets up and heads for his hut.

CUT TO: INT - HOWELL'S HUT - DAY Mr. Howell is seen slowly walking to his bed and laying down as Mrs. Howell tries to zip up her cloths.

MR HOWELL I feel like a beached whale!

MRS HOWELL Thurston, this isn't the time for a siesta Zip me up.

Mr. Howell tries to reach up to zip up Mrs. Howell and can't make it. He falls back onto the bed.

MR HOWELL AAAHHH.....Can't make it.

MRS HOWELL Don't be ridiculous you've got to get up.


MRS HOWELL Well it's time for dinner!


CUT TO: INT - HUT - DAY Gilligan is laying on a lounge chair as Ginger sits with a pad and pencil looking like a psychiatrist.

GILLIGAN .....I had a happy childhood.

GINGER Gilligan you've got to wait till I ask the question before you answer it!

GILLIGAN Ok, but I can't see how your going to figure out how I read minds by asking me what happened when I was a kid.

GINGER Well I think I can. Now.....Did your father ever beat you?


GINGER He did!?

GILLIGAN All the time.

GINGER And your mother let him!?

GILLIGAN She use to beat me too.

GINGER Oh you poor thing!

GILLIGAN How else could I learn to play checkers?

GINGER Gilligan will you be serious!?

GILLIGAN I'm sorry.

GINGER Now let's try something else. Um.....AH.....A word association test. I'll say a word and you say the first thing that pops into your head.

GILLIGAN (Immediately after Ginger finishes last line) Black

GINGER I didn't say it! (PAUSE)








GILLIGAN Oh.....A.....Oh boy.....Atta boy!?

GINGER How about girl?

GILLIGAN (Thinks a moment) Yeah! Boy, girl! Yeah.

Gilligan hands Ginger some seeds to eat.

GILLIGAN Here, have some.

GINGER Oh Gilligan it's no use. Even Sigmond Fraud couldn't solve this. (She pauses and starts to walk out.) IF I see him I'll tell him.

GILLIGAN Tell who?

GINGER The Skipper. You just asked me.....

Gilligan I just read your mind!

GILLIGAN How did you do it? How do I do it? How do we do it?

GINGER (holds up seed) This!

GILLIGAN So that's how we do it!

GINGER Then they can't be ordinary sun flower seeds.

GILLIGAN Guess not.

GINGER Well, just to make sure it's the seed, let's try to read each others mind.

GILLIGAN Ok....... (pause) I know what your thinking.

GINGER I know what YOUR thinking.

GILLIGAN I know you know what I'm thinking.

GINGER I know that you know that I know that you know what your thinking.

GILLIGAN I know that you know that I know that you know that I know you know what I'm thinking.....I think.

GINGER I know that you know that I know what your thinking, that I.....that's right, let's go tell the others.

FADE OUT: ACT TWO FADE IN: ESTABLISHING SHOT OF LAGOON CUT TO: EXT - HUT - DAY The Skipper and the Professor are still having an argument about reading minds.

SKIPPER ...And I still say that Gilligan can read minds!

PROFESSOR Medical science says he can't! SKIPPER Well medical science is wrong!

PROFESSOR Medical science is NEVER wrong!

Gilligan and Ginger come running on camera

GILLIGAN Hey, hey Ginger can read minds just like me!

GINGER That's right I can read minds just like Gilligan! Even if HE doesn't think so.

SKIPPER And WHAT does medical science think about THAT!?

PROFESSOR Well, in order to justify such a fantastic claim, I would have to perform laboratory tests with strict controls.

SKIPPER Oh never mind professor for goodness sakes. I'll test her myself. Now go ahead Ginger, start reading.

GINGER AH...,thirty six, twenty two, thirty six (She gives the skipper the tisk tisk tisk sound)

SKIPPER Oh well Ginger I was trying to figure out the longitude and latitude of....this Island.

GILLIGAN Oh no you weren't skipper. You were thinking about Ginger's....

SKIPPER Never mind Gilligan. Alright now...ah, professor you go ahead, you test her.

PROFESSOR All right Ginger, read my mind.

GINGER Thirty six, twenty two, thirty six.

PROFESSOR We...well that's just the atomic weight of sodium hydrochloride.

GILLIGAN OH no professor, you were thinking about Ginger's.....

PROFESSOR Never mind Gilligan, all right Ginger what happened? Did Gilligan tell you...

GINGER Gilligan didn't teach me anything. All you have to do is eat one of these sun flower seeds, which isn't a sunflower seed at all!

PROFESSOR Why that's fantastic! You know there's a chapter on these seeds in my book on rare tropical plants. It says the last bush died over three centuries ago.

SKIPPER Well who ever wrote that book is a blooming idiot.

PROFESSOR Well I'll ignore that, but according to legend, which now appears to be fact, these seeds were used by the ancient mystics to induce telepathic communication, a form of mind reading.

GILLIGAN And it works professor!

PROFESSOR Well, I'll have to re-read that chapter.

Professor gets up and leaves. Ginger gets up also and runs after the professor.

GINGER Oh professor, my seed!

Skipper stretches and pretends to be tired.

SKIPPER Oh hum little buddy, I think it's time to hit the sack.

GILLIGAN That's not what your thinking. Your thinking that if you get me alone you'll make me tell you where the bush is.

SKIPPER Who me!? Now Gilligan...

CUT TO: INT - HUT - NIGHT Gilligan is in the bottom hammock and the Skipper is in the top sleeping.

SKIPPER Gilligan. Gilligan. I've always taken care of you haven't I? It's always been share and share alike with us hasn't it?

GILLIGAN Please skipper I'm trying to get some sleep.

SKIPPER All I'm asking is one simple thing. Let's keep the location of that bush a secret. Just between you and me. OK?

Gilligan starts to snore.

SKIPPER Gilligan. Gilligan. I've always taken care of you haven't I? I mean, it's always been share and share alike with us hasn't it?

GILLIGAN Oh who put that record back on again.

SKIPPER Gilligan. Just say yes and then you can go back to sleep.

GILLIGAN Yes what?

SKIPPER Just say yes skipper.

GILLIGAN Yes skipper.

Skipper thinks he's gotten through to Gilligan and is pleased with himself. He goes back to sleep.

CUT TO: INT - HUT - NIGHT Mrs. Howell is in bed and Mr. Howell is sitting on the edge of his bed thinking.

MRS HOWELL Thurston, aren't you ever going to sleep?

MR HOWELL I'm thinking.

MRS Howell What about?

MR HOWELL Those seeds of course.

MRS HOWELL Gilligan promised to show us the mind reading bush in the morning.

MR HOWELL I just don't trust him.

MRS HOWELL Don't trust Gilligan!? But that's ridiculous, he's the sole of honor.

MR HOWELL Well it so happens the sole of honor is bunking with Sinbad the Sailor.

MRS HOWELL Oh, you don't mean you don't trust the captain?

MR HOWELL That kind of trust made Julius Caesar a pin cushion my dear, yes.

Mr. Howell walks out of the hut.

MRS HOWELL I never knew that Julius Caesar was a pin cushion?

CUT TO: INT - HUT - NIGHT Mr. Howell enters Gilligan's hut.

MR HOWELL Gilligan are you asleep?

GILLIGAN Ah, No...not now, I was, what's wrong Mr. Howell?



MR HOWELL Gilligan, there's a little business deal I want to talk over with you.

GILLIGAN Can't we talk about it in the morning?

MR HOWELL no no, mornings too late.

GILLIGAN Mr. Howell I'm too pooped.

MR HOWELL Not Mr. Howell, Thurston.

GILLIGAN Ok Mr. Thurston.

MR HOWELL Not Mr. Thurston, just plain old Thurston, and since we're partners, Why not thirsty?

GILLIGAN Partners?

MR HOWELL That's right. In the seed deal. Fifty-fifty.

GILLIGAN Fifty-fifty?

MR HOWELL Ah...Sixty-Forty

GILLIGAN Sixty-forty?

MR HOWELL Seventy-thirty, that's final, I won't let you take anything less.

GILLIGAN Ok Mr. Howell I'll sleep on it.

MR HOWELL And tomorrow you put the seeds in my hands for safe keeping, right? No need to answer my boy. Just a simple nod of the head.

Mr. Howell physically moves Gilligan's head up and down in a nodding motion.

MR HOWELL That's it, yes indeed, perfectly legal...even have a witness.

Mr. Howell leaves Gilligan's hut just as he sees Ginger walking over the Gilligan's hut. They see each other and both fake sleep walking. After Mr. Howell is out of sight, Ginger goes in to the hut.


GINGER Gilligan

GILLIGAN SHHHHHH...Gilligan is sleeping.

GINGER Wake up I've got to talk to you.

GILLIGAN Tomorrow huh?

GINGER Gilligan, you like me don't you?

GILLIGAN I'll like you better tomorrow, I promise.

GINGER Gilligan will you promise me one thing?


GINGER The seeds will be our secret?

GILLIGAN I won't even tell you.

GINGER Promise? Gilligan doesn't answer. Gilligan? Gilligan? Tonight we share a kiss. Tomorrow the seeds.

She kisses Gilligan who promptly starts to snore.

CUT TO: EXT - HUT - DAY Everyone is seated around the table except Gilligan who's nowhere to be seen.

SKIPPER Oh I don't know how Gilligan could break a promise to his big buddy.

GINGER It's the last time I share a secret with him!

MR HOWELL Who'd believe Gilligan could pull a trick like that.

MRS HOWELL Well darling, what did he say to you when you went to visit him in the night?

Mr. Howell shushes her.

PROFESSOR I don't know why your all so upset.

GINGER Well Gilligan just up and left without saying where he was going.

MARY ANN Oh that's not true. He told me he was going to go out and get the seeds and bring them back here.

SKIPPER Bring them here!? With all of us watching!?

GINGER I'll never trust him again.

MR HOWELL Well if you could read his mind you'd know exactly where he went.

GINGER I tried that last night but it didn't work.

PROFESSOR The effect is only temporary. I did some reading about those seeds last night...

Gilligan enters on camera from behind the hut.

GILLIGAN Hi everybody! I'm back! I promised plenty of seeds for everyone and here they are!

He holds up six bags of seeds. Everyone leaps up and scrambles to get a bag from Gilligan.

CUT TO: INT - HUT - DAY The Howells are seated back to back getting ready to read each others mind.

MR HOWELL Ready Lovey?


Both eat a seed.

MRS HOWELL Rather like the flavor of truffles haven't they.

MR HOWELL Never mind what they taste like, lets just see if they work.

MRS HOWELL I think a little Hollandaise sauce would improve the them.

MR HOWELL This isn't a receipt contest, now Lovey, Um...think of something.

MRS HOWELL All right. (giggles) Ready.

MR HOWELL You've changed your mind. Instead of Hollandaise sauce, you think they'd taste better with sauce bernaise.

MRS HOWELL Oh darling how clever of you! You read my mind exactly!

MR HOWELL Yes, now now I'll I'll think of somethings Better take a booster shot.

He eats another seed.

MRS HOWELL Really Thurston how can you!?

MR HOWELL But Lovey!

MRS HOWELL I don't mind you stealing from the others, but to steal seeds from your own wife! Oh! Oh! Why did I ever marry you!? Oh!

CUT TO: EXT - HUT - DAY Skipper and Gilligan are repairing the outside of the hut. Skipper is standing on a box while Gilligan helps him.

GILLIGAN OK skipper sure. Here it is. He hands skipper a hammer.

SKIPPER This mined reading sure beats talking a mile. I don't have to give every order twice!

GILLIGAN A lot quieter too. Gilligan winces with pain.

GILLIGAN Do you have to yell that loud!?

SKIPPER Why I didn't say a word.

GILLIGAN Yeah, but you were thinking so loudly.

SKIPPER Hand me that bamboo pole.

Gilligan grabs a pole and as he backs up, he accidentally pushes the skipper through the wall of the hut that he was repairing.

SKIPPER Gilligan! You

GILLIGAN A nincompoop, that's what your thinking!

SKIPPER EXACTLY! And not only that I... What do you mean if I hadn't been so fat this wouldn't have happened!

GILLIGAN Oh! SKIPPER That's exactly what your were thinking!

GILLIGAN I know but...

SKIPPER Gilligan!!!

CUT TO: INT - GIRLS HUT - DAY Mary Ann and Ginger are in the middle of an argument.

MARY ANN HAH! Is that so!?

GINGER Yes that's so! And not only that... I'm a what!!?

MARY ANN I'm glad you can read my mind, I'm too much of a lady to say those things.

GINGER Well here's something for you!



CUT TO: EXT - HOWELL'S HUT - DAY Mr. Howell comes out of his hut in a huff and slams the door.

MR HOWELL And the same goes for your brother!

Mr. Howell passes the professor who is sitting at a table as Gilligan walks up to the professor.

GILLIGAN Hi professor can I talk to you?

PROFESSOR Wouldn't you prefer to think at me?

GILLIGAN NO it's the last thing I want to do. I just had a terrible think fight with the skipper. You should have heard some of the terrible thoughts he thought at me.

PROFESSOR Well it's not just you and the skipper. The girls aren't speaking to each other, and the Howells have just had a violent argument. Actually, considering all the months we've spent on this island, those are the first real fights we've had.

GILLIGAN I thought we'd just get along great if everybody could read each other's minds.

PROFESSOR So did I. You know, I thought those seeds might even help world peace when we're rescued. I thought that if all the countries in the world could only... What do you mean that's a stupid idea!?

GILLIGAN All I mean is if the seven of us taking the seeds just can't get along...

PROFESSOR I know what you mean, but that's no reason to be insulting!

The professor gets up and storms off camera.

CUT TO: Everyone is around the table looking upset and arguing. Gilligan sees everyone arguing and walks off into the jungle.

GINGER You don't think I do my share of the work do you!?

MARY ANN I didn't say that!

GINGER But you thought it!

MARY ANN Hah! So you think you do more work around here than I do! Hah that's a laugh!

GINGER OH! So I loaf and try to get Gilligan and skipper to do my work do I!? Well!

CUT TO: Professor and Skipper.

PROFESSOR I should stop using my head and start using my back for a change huh!?

SKIPPER Well I...Oh well you've got a lot of nerve thinking that if it wasn't for you, we couldn't have survived all this time!

CUT TO: The Howells arguing.

MRS HOWELL If I knew you had thoughts like that I never would have married you!

MR HOWELL Well I'm finding out a few things that you think, and how few thinks you have!



CUT TO: Ginger, skipper and Mary Ann arguing.

GINGER Mary Ann is under the impression that I've been getting you to do my work for me. She reacts with surprise. So YOU think so too!? Well do you know what I think!?

SKIPPER I most certainly do! OH!

MARY ANN And that goes for me too!

Both Ginger and Mary Ann storm off camera. Mr. Howell walks up to the skipper.

MR HOWELL Well they certainly told you off.

SKIPPER Oh I couldn't care less what they think. It burns me up, the professor thinks that I... OH, so you think I'm responsible for our being marooned too!!

MR HOWELL Well it certainly wasn't my fault!

Mrs. Howell comes up to Mr. Howell.

MRS HOWELL Thurston give me some of your seeds I'm all out of them and I want to read your mind.

MR HOWELL Well I haven't any more. I'll go back to the bush and get some more.

SKIPPER Not if I get em first!

CUT TO: EXT - JUNGLE - Day We see Gilligan setting the bush on fire. The others are looking for Gilligan.

SKIPPER I think I saw Gilligan go this way.

MR HOWELL I'll pay the rest of you a thousand dollars a piece for the seeds.

PROFESSOR Well there he is!

SKIPPER Where...Gilligan! What are you doing there little buddy?

GILLIGAN I'm burning the bush with the mind reading seeds.

MR HOWELL Th...The seeds, the seeds!

Mr. Howell runs to the bush and trys to grab it.

MR HOWELL OW!! That smarts, I burned my little pinky!

PROFESSOR Did you burn all the seeds?

GILLIGAN Yep, the whole bush and everything. Oh I suppose you think it's the dumbest thing I ever did. But we never fought and argued before we could read minds. And now that we can't read minds, maybe we could be friends again? Huh? OK if everybody wants to yell at me for being a dumb bell go ahead.

PROFESSOR Gilligan, for a guy who's always doing dumb things. When you do something smart, it's beautiful.

Professor walks off camera

GILLIGAN And your not mad? (to Mr. Howell)

MR HOWELL No I'm not mad, even though I lost a fortune. (He walks off camera)

SKIPPER Gilligan?


SKIPPER You know what I think?


SKIPPER Well it's a shame because, really it was something nice.

GILLIGAN Thanks skipper.

FADE OUT: EPILOG FADE IN: INT - HUT - NIGHT Gilligan and the skipper are in their hammocks. Gilligan is in the top and the skipper is in the bottom.

SKIPPER Gilligan?


SKIPPER Reading peoples minds can cause more trouble than a hurricane.


SKIPPER Umm, Gilligan?


SKIPPER Are you sure you destroyed all the seeds?

GILLIGAN Every single one of them.

SKIPPER Oh that's good. Now we can get something done around here.

GILLIGAN Yah right.

SKIPPER Oh, ah Gilligan?


SKIPPER I have a list of things for you to do tomorrow.

GILLIGAN But I was going to go fishing tomorrow!

SKIPPER Well Gilligan, nobody says you can't go fishing. I mean, after you bring up some fire wood, bring up some well water, dig a drainage ditch, fix the lobster traps, and then after breakfast...


SKIPPER Yes Gilligan?

GILLIGAN Do you know what I think?


GILLIGAN That's good! Puts his hat over his face and goes to sleep.