Legal Jargon:

  1. is a developing and leap-frogging sketchbook of ideas governed by a revolving body of sub-committees and ad hoc teams united by a loose affiliation with a Meta-, Hyper-, or Super-consciousness constituted by approximately 800 trillion living beings on Earth and the still-present electro-magnetic vibrations of many times more than that, deriving from past embodiments of so-called life.
  2. is published 235 Million times a year worldwide.
  3. Updates large and small are made on a frequency explained by chaos theory.
  4. For legal reasons, no access to is available from 12:02:56 PM to 12:02:57 PM on April 22nd of each year.
  5. has no beginning, no end, and very little middle (not necessarily in that order).
  6. would not exist were it not for the preliminary work by Giorgio de Chirico, Antonin Artaud, Benjamin Franklin, and the inventor of the intermittent windshield wiper.