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In the early 20th century (sometime between 1905 and 1910), Wonderland Amusement Park was located in Longfellow.

This building at 31st Avenue and 31st Street is the only remnant of the park.

So, what went on in here? Believe it or not, this brick structure housed baby incubators! Visitors could pay a modest fee and get a first-hand look at the then-new technology -- and it was actually being put to use! Babies were literally being kept alive in the incubators. The same thing was going on at Coney Island in New York and other places (see below).

Also featured was a tower that was covered with thousands of incandescent lightbulbs. People made the trek from Downtown Minneapolis and as far away as St. Paul -- up to a half-day trip back then -- just to see it.

Look at this incubator building in Buffalo, New York:

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