You may have noticed that today there are more museums than ever.
Museums of just-about-everything have been springing up lately.

There's a museum of News, a museum of Espionage, a museum of Jurassic Technology, a museum of Bad Art, retail stores posing as museums, etc., etc., ad infinitum.

In 2005, SnakPak decided to start a list of museums that we'd like to see...or are afraid we someday will.

It is in this spirit that we give you our . . .

List of Proposed Museums

  • Museum of Historic Futures (chronicling all past visions of the future—i.e. The World of Yesterday's Tomorrows)
  • Museum of Future History (reserved space for the time when our current epoch is the study of our descendants)
  • Smells of History Museum (dedicated to preserving smells that will no longer survive naturally—e.g. video store interiors, burning fossil fuels)
  • Intermittent Wiper Museum (from the first model of the 1960s to those used in space exploration)
  • Museum of Non-existent Art (way beyond minimalism—one of the few avenues yet to be explored)
  • Museum of "Inspected By" Tags Found in Clothing Apparel Items (one of a plethora of single-phenomenon museums)
  • Beyond Recognition Museum (a charred piece of...meat, is it?...found at the bottom of a grill; unidentifiable items from the refrigerator)
  • Museum of Barometric Pressure (includes dioramas of dogs eating grass in order to throw up [a possible reaction to a change in the atmosphere])
  • Museum of Un-Pop Art (people get most passionate about art they don't like or don't think others should see or like)
  • Pseudo Science Museum (perhaps not so different from today's official science museums considering the way paradigms come and go)

Sent in by our Readers

Most Recent

  • The Low Light Insititute of Sensitive Objects
  • The Museum of Scraps of Paper (Is this scrap of paper significant in some way? Does it belong to some larger significant piece in which it is a key to interpretation? Will I regret throwing it away?)
  • The Mediocreum (the museum of uninteresting things or things of little significance)
  • The Nugatorium (the museum devoted to nothing in particular)

Least Recent

  • Museum of frames (looks like a regular art museum minus the paintings)
  • Museum of liquids and objects with sticky surfaces (One of the things I've noticed in my various museum visits is that most things found in museums have relatively smooth/glossy hard surfaces)
  • Museum of perishable food items
  • The Museum of North American Americans
  • Museum of Fine Sandpaper
  • Museum of Vacuums
  • Museum of Insider Art
  • Museum of Museum Gift Shop Items
  • Museum Cafe Museum
  • Museum of Children
  • Walker Entertainment Center
  • Footprints Coming out of Empty Mummy Case at Night Museum
  • New Museum Addition Museum
  • History of Display Case Technology Museum
  • The Museum of Large-Scale Environmental Art
  • Art Car Ramp
  • The Museum of Future Memories
  • The Museum of Brilliant Ideas
  • The What's That Museum
  • The Institute of Fudge

This is only the beginning.
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