die tödliche doris, chöre und soli.

this eight-record set by a berlin-based band—die tödliche doris—consists of a manual, a doll's talk box, a battery, and eight discs—each one a different color. each small record contains a single, short song. this thing was created in 1983. a snakpak executive purchased one of these limited edition things only to later have it stolen. do not get too attached to things.

here is what the group's official site says about this release:

due to the wish to avoid typically releasing one lp after the other, the tödliche doris released their next music as a set of eight doll records, the necessary playing equipment and a booklet in a green box, which has become a rare and expensive art object.

within the minimal playing time of the miniphono records, crackling songs with aphoristic shortness ring out, produced without instruments. the ease of these deranged children’s songs and their texts makes them dreamier and less cruel than older recordings of the group.