Here Are Our Past Guest Sites:
Scopitone Vintage Music Videos
Blog with Lots of Video Clips
The Story of Gerald McCloy
Figure Drawing
Candy Killer (once there, click on gallery, then use arrows)
Disturbing Dream
SnakPak-esque Anti-Blog
Modern Living/Neurotica Series

Mann Show
Ease History
The Sneeze
Pee Mail
What's British for "Onion"?

How Water Towers Work
Cultural Heritage Fest
Art Making
Group Hug: A True Confessions weB log
The Architecture and Design of the Prairie School
Orisinal Games
World's Smallest Web Site
The World's Tallest Virtual Building
A Magazine
Lower East Side Tenement Museum Tour
Japanese Toy and Candy Design (be sure to click Menu and activate sound)
Ephemera Now
Slow Wave -- Dreams into Comix
Duplex Planet
bauhaus archiv

See also What's Your Spiritual Type?

What Do You Think About Everything?
Record Album Art
Classic Radio Gallery
Engrish Ranguage
Pirate Radio
It's just...Sluggy
A Digest of Heady Philosophy and Popular Culture
Semiotics for Beginners
All About Amy
Ultravue -- schlide viewers
What is a place, anyway?
Free* Business Cards
Gallery of Huge Beings
Tintin -- Incredible Flash-ridden site about this beloved character
The Minneapolis Sign Project
AMMI's Shutters, Sprockets, and Tubes: How Moving Image Machines Work (Flash)
Home for Abused Apostrophes (see also Bed's and More from Longfellow Exposed)
Found Stuff
The Fantastic in Art and Fiction
Wikipedia -- An Open Source Textual Representation of "Everything"
An Antonin Artaud "Fan" Site.

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