No longer housed in a law school book store, the El Dorado Conquistador Museum collections are NOW ON VIEW
in the back room of the Kitty Kat Klub, 315 14th Ave. SE in Minneapolis!



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Old News: Sotheby's handled sale of royal conquistador collection.
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The El Dorado Conquistador Museum accepts donations of cash delivered or mailed to El Dorado Conquistador Museum.  Where the money goes...





At El Dorado Conquistador Museum, all the old faves
Cortez, Columbus, Pizarro, DeSoto and others
are immortalized in paint-by-number plaster-of-Paris reliefs.

With more than 50 conquistador masterpieces in various mediums, from pressed plastic to black velvet to hardened foam, the El Dorado Conquistador Museum boasts the largest collection of conquistador kitsch
in the world!

As Cake Magazine wrote,
"The meddlesome Mayas, Incas, and Aztecs are long gone thanks to Diego de Almagro and others, but their art lives on in a discovery from a local Salvation Army of a Maya calendar that doubles as a hotplate."


El Dorado Conquistador Museum
"Where Conquest is Kitsch."


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