SnakPak: Strong Enough for a Man, But Made for a Woman
Past Reports: 2004

Narrative: For SnakPak enthusiasts, 2005 was a year worth remembering. While the design and format of the site remained steady and consistent, shareholders were rewarded with countless updates large and small ("based on a frequency explained by chaos theory" as noted in the fine print of our Legal Jargon). These included a number of always-interesting things in the classsic series Things are Getting Interesting (having been established in 2004); the first major statement on our newly established Editorial Page; a fascinating photo essay concerning the scale model Relief Map of Guatemala; and so much more.

Statistically speaking, 2005 saw a major uptick in visitation. Due to a mysterious late-year phenomenon (see statistical chart on this page), average monthly user sessions rose suddenly in November from approximately 7,500 (Jan -- Oct) to an astounding 57,000 (Nov/Dec). Analysis provides little by way of explanation, allowing us to credit excellent writing, timely and pertinent information, and stellar graphic design as the secrets to SnakPak's success -- that or increasingly invasive viral agents.

Search terms provide further insight into our users' desires. Top strings include Weird Clouds, El Dorado, and Dog. See related item, this page.

The Year in Music
The SnakPak Five -- one of the creative fingers on one of SnakPak's product development arms -- supplied an unusually high number of quality songs in 2005. Examples include several orchestral versions of past hits as well as the breakaway smash Electric Knives. '05 saw the completion of the album Us vs Us and an impressive start on Information Architecture (in progress).

Guatemala Relief Map was one of the highlights of 2005

Mottos have been a staple of SnakPak since the early days in 2001. This year a robust crop of great new mottos appeared in the familiar boxes at the top of the Table of Contents as well as in a comprehensive compendium.

Sample Mottos:

"Our Bizarre Superstitions Are Better Than Yours"

"How Does Thursday Look?"

"Don't Believe Everything You Believe"

"You Can't Judge a Book By Its Contents"

"Let's Suspend the Night Together"

"I'll Hang Up and Listen"

"A Colourful Escape from a Beige Universe"

"An illogical, non-chronological chronical"


Number of Visitors by Month


Sample Top 40 Search Strings
(for November--a typical month)

1 5.57% ipod exchange
2 5.57% weird clouds
3 5.08% voting booth
4 2.13% demotivators
5 1.80% dog
6 1.80% ice cream trucks
7 1.64%
8 1.31% green dots
9 1.15% bauhaus
10 1.15% hotel hallway
11 1.15% volkswagen thing
12 0.98% mini golf windmill
13 0.82% leonardo da vinci's helicopter
14 0.66% arroz con leche
15 0.66% ed ruscha
16 0.66% knights in shining armour
17 0.66% oasis drink
18 0.49% ancient rome
19 0.49% angel de berlin
20 0.49% arroz
21 0.49% bill skodje
22 0.49% cape cod potato chips
23 0.49% foosball guy
24 0.49% mobil pegasus
25 0.49% orange buddha
26 0.49% thaddeus strode
27 0.49% watermelon carvings
28 0.33% volkswagen thing
29 0.33% 100yen
30 0.33% angel berlin
31 0.33% bauhaus furniture
32 0.33% bauhaus möbel
33 0.33% ben grimm yancy street dan
34 0.33% berlin angel
35 0.33% bubbler
36 0.33% buzzwords and catch phrases
37 0.33% byerlys
38 0.33% catacombs
39 0.33% chinese garden
40 0.33% clouds

Photo Featurettes remain one of SnakPak's most enduring and popular sections. Because of industry issues regarding timing and publication dates, visitors experienced both the conclusion of Photo Featurette 2005 and the beginning of Photo Featurette 2006 during the 2005 calendar year.

Sample Photo Featurettes

SnakPak Board of Directors, 2005

  • Whitney Cargill MacMillan, President
  • Jerome Hill, Treasurer
  • John Pillsbury
  • MacMillan Cargill Whitney
  • Dottie Pillsbury
  • Jerome Bush
  • John Dayton
  • Jerome McKnight
  • Cargill MacMillan Whitney
  • Dottie Dayton
  • Bush McKnight
  • MacMillan Whitney Cargill
  • Washburn Crosby
  • John Target
  • Dottie Target
  • Cargill Whitney MacMillan
  • Jerome McBush

Legal Jargon: is a developing and leap-frogging sketchbook of ideas governed by a revolving body of sub-committees and ad hoc teams united by a loose affiliation with a Meta-, Hyper-, or Super-consciousness constituted by approximately 800 trillion living beings on Earth and the still-present electro-magnetic vibrations of many times more than that, deriving from past embodiments of so-called life. is published 235 Million times a year worldwide. Updates large and small are made on a frequency explained by chaos theory. For legal reasons, no access to is available from 12:02:56 PM to 12:02:57 PM on April 22nd of each year. has no beginning, no end, and very little middle (not necessarily in that order). would not exist were it not for the preliminary work by Giorgio de Chirico, Antonin Artaud, Benjamin Franklin, and the inventor of the intermittent windshield wiper.


SnakPak: A Banner Year (Some of the Many SnakPak Banners Unveiled in 2005)