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Sibling Rivalry: BLIND

This game had to be inspired by both Helen Keller and the fact that we had learned that if you lacked one of your five senses, you'd have a heightened use of the others.

Blind was a game my sister and I made up with our cronies, two boys down the street. We lived on a very safe road without much traffic so we had ideal conditions for a game like this. We'd start at one end of the street, and blindfold the player who would be blind (very tightly so you could NOT peak). The rest of us would determine a destination and we'd announce it to the blind person. It was a sensory game, but mostly it was really fun. We'd creep behind the blind person and watch as they'd make their way slowly and carefully (they were allowed to use a stick to help guide themselves) to the mail box at the end of the street, or the backdoor to a garage on the block, or some other such place. It was great to be the blind person, really trying to put yourself in the shoes of someone who had no sight.

But watching was equally as fun too, because the blind person invariably bumped or crashed into things along the way.  It was one of our favorite summer games.

Beth Van Dam
b. 1972
Bloomfield Hills, MN

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