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Sibling Rivalry: Rapid City Flood

Probably the best sib game we ever invented was called "Rapid City Flood". Although we had been systematically wiping out ant colonies with water for some time (using squirt guns, old dishwashing soap bottles, watering cans, the hose...), we never had a name for this activity. That is, until we heard about the tragic Rapid City Flood of 1972.  

Our family had taken a vacation to South Dakota in one of the years just prior to the flood. Rapid City was therefore on our childhood radar. We knew for instance that the very enjoyable Storybook Gardens was right on Rapid Creek. Post-flood, our ant destroying game took on a new character and gained an official name. Now the game began with the cry, "Head for the hills, the flood waters are rising!!" Streams of water were gradually trickled towards the target ant hill (or better yet, a whole line of ant hills!), steadily gaining strength and volume as the "flood waters" descended. Sometimes we'd add bits of grass, leaves or twigs to imitate flotsam & jetsam carried along by the current. It would all end with buckets or the hose.

Heidi Raatz

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